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Robert Mazur:

I have no reservations about recommending Shannon and his group as a publicist for you and your book. My book was published by Little Brown, a major publisher, but they put very little resources toward promoting my book. After a year of frustration watching my book sales slowly disappear, I engaged Shannon. The work by him and his team has kept my book selling much better now (almost three years after publication) than it did within months after its release. Only because of the work done by Shannon and his team, my book has consistently been ranked at about 25,000 to 45,000 out of the literally millions of books they sell. My rankings have shot as high as 650 in the not too distant past. This has been important because, while the book is in movie development, it will be a year or better before we know for certain if the movie will go into production. I can’t afford to have potential investors in the movie development see a book with little or no current sales. This also impacts the thinking of foreign publishers with interest in publishing the book in other languages. In my view, the money I pay Shannon for the work he does promoting my book and movie project is the best money I spend every month. From a cost/benefit perspective, you can’t beat the work done by Shannon and his group. Beyond all of that, I didn’t know Shannon very well when I first entered into an agreement with him. Having dealt with him now for more than 18 months I can tell you that he is very responsive, dedicated and takes a true personal interest in fostering his clients’ success. He is genuine.

Chris Markowski:

I've enjoyed working with Shannon and his team to grow my business and brand. Excellent firm with an incredible work ethic.

Jake Shannon:

Shannon Rose and his crew over at Eclectic Media are top notch professionals and I highly recommend their services. They helped me get nationwide recognition for my new book, ENDonomics. Thanks EMP!

Diamond Dallas Page:

Shannon - You Rock, Bro!! One of the best PR firms in the business!

Danny Bonaduce:

"I have spent the last 30 years avoiding the use of a personal publicist, as I have a difficult time keeping my name out of the paper. After working with Shannon Rose, I have found that he can not only keep my name and projects in the paper, but he somehow manages to get the press to write what I want and talk about my current projects rather than my past."

Christy Vogel:

We’ve gotten more than our money’s worth with all of the exposure and better yet, the archive of mutli-media interviews which gives us credibility as THE MARKETING EXPERTS!

Erin Morgart:

Shannon Rose, his entire staff and team at Eclectic Media are by far the most outstanding I have ever had the pleasure to work with. We are a TEAM in every sense of the word! The PR Firm is undeniably the best, most efficient and the most hard-working of any PR Firm that I have worked with since entering the Fitness Modeling and now Entertainment world. If you want to be KNOWN, Shannon will showcase you to the world and you WILL become FAMOUS! Simply the best!

Dr. Denis Burke :

You are the BEST I have ever worked with in Media or Advertising.

Di Lee :

After such a short period of time in hiring Shannon, I see with my own eyes how he is an extremely hard working 'til late at night for his clients kind of publicist for one of the most reasonable costs in the industry. He not only doesn't limit his press releases to 1 or 2 a month, he and his hard working staff send out press releases for every important event. And if that's not enough the most impressive aspect of Shannon's business is he pinpoints the crucial differences that set apart his clients from the rest. I've seen how his hard work has paid off for a friend of mine and I now see first hand how his quick thinking, unique angle and diligence have been paying off for us as well.

Matthew Brower :

Shannon Rose is a first class PR manager. He provides his clients with first class networking. His clients are always prepared and ready to share their thoughts and expertise on my show. I recommend Shannon Rose especially if you are ready to go to the next level!

Debra Locker Griffin :

Shannon is very strategic and well-connected. He manages a team of talented individuals who are hard workers at all hours. I recommend Shannon and his team for quick PR results.

David Newman :

Thank you for keeping me on the radio and for keeping my book sales strong month after month after month. You rock!!!


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